KM Global is a boutique investment bank and financial advisory firm providing quality professional services with exceptional access to governments, industries and financing. Combining experience, professionalism and reliability, KM Global achieves success for its clients by meeting both short-term goals and long-term objectives. We utilize our extensive contacts in the respective arenas of operations to facilitate client access and create new opportunities. The relationships forged by our firm with business, finance and government leaders worldwide have caused our clients to close a high proportion of their transactions in a timely manner.

KM Global provides clients with transaction-specific advisory services. These services include the preparation of individualized transaction structures, management and financial advice, strategic planning and traditional merchant banking. Our sphere of operations includes advice on the structuring and negotiation of complex transactions involving governments, infrastructure development, corporate mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and restructurings.

We apply extensive financial, legal and operational experience to manage complex transactions involving innovative financial modeling, cash flow analyses, risk management techniques, capital structures, strategic partnering and transaction enhancement strategies. We assist clients with bond underwriting, dividend cleansing, compliance screening, equity derivative markets, private banking and US legislative and regulatory regimes.

Positive professional and personal relationships, gathered from years of business and government exposure, has enabled KM Global to be at the forefront of innovative financial transactions with a strong developmental component.

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